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marq+ is the world's first new AR augmented reality media with the most diversity of solutions

Through AR technology and our rich experience in brand and channel cooperation, we create new interaction patterns with experience economy, driving multiple applications of industry, building bridges between brands and consumers, online to offline, creating an interesting AR experience journey for consumers and creating as an unique brand AR theme park!
We not only provide your users with a unique sense of participation, increase the effectiveness of community diffusion, but also have marketing accuracy.
marq+ platform and big data allow you to record the behavior of consumers and help the distribution of brand budget more accurately. Through marq+, let the brand logo speak for itself and make the deepest communication with consumers.

AR Recognition

marq+ is equipped with an image recognition AR engine that allows brands to speak through brands logos, posters, products and other images. It is the most fashionable and innovative digital media platform in the new age.

LBS AR Treasure Fun

marq+ is equipped with LBS (Location-Based Service) system. No matter business districts, retail stores and sightseeing spots, marq+ can all be used to position, combined with AR navigation and treasure hunting to attract people, and enjoy the fun of exploration the real world!

marq+ AR Editor

The exclusive AR platform editor for rapid generation of AR effects. Welcome to join us and be our partner.
As an excellent AR platform to convey brand message, marq+ has the characteristics of rapid, diversified and creative, flexible, friendly and easy to use, and brings you unlimited surprise!


Start your AR application within 7 days when material is ready.


Diversity of AR function and Modularization can be selected.


Provide successful diversity of solutions for industries.

Step 1.
Download marq+app and open it on you phone

Step 2.
camera aims to any of the selected pictures

Step 3.
camera will scan the picture and experience fun of AR

Conference and Exhibition

From the number of the exhibition hall door, leading to the creation concept of various artists, taking pictures and interacting with the artists, and connect the entire exhibition with digital badge point to complete the experience of the visitors.

District and Culture Park

The LBS AR landmarks link the ancient and modern features of the park and call out guides to provide you with real-world navigation to enhance people's emotional connection with the region.


The pictures that are still in the publication are brought into lifelike movements, and various visual and audio-visual enjoyments are extended with AR.


Through virtual try-on, people can try your products which worn on them, increase the feeling of consumer journey, and direct people to direct purchases.

Tourism and Sightseeing

LBS displays historical memories, 3D AR restores real scenes, instantly passes through ancient and modern times, and activates sightseeing spots.


The limited activities combined with the gashapon and scratch card, subvert the traditional business model, enhance the level of dining fun, and bring new feelings to consumers.

Culture Creative and IP

You can make your postcards, notebooks, T-Shirts, desk calendars, and other creative or IP products into more extended value products by AR. Moreover, it can make goods directly become channels.

More industrial

For all financial services, media, education, training services, press conferences, company party, marketing activities and other industrial services, we have a complete success experience. Welcome to contact us for further details.


Basically, we will combine the following three points to make a quotation and provide a combination offer that meets your needs.
1. Activity time is the length of the period
2. The scan count of Recoginations
3. Number and type of modules
Please call or fill in and contact us, we will serve you as soon as possible.

Yes, we will charge according to the period of the event, but if you want to use the event longer, we will also give you a discount!

We have a professional art design team to produce AR materials for you and charge you for production.
If you have an art team you can also design your own, we will give you the specifications of the material.

QRCode can only scan non-viable QR codes and only open network links.
The AR Recognition can identify your brand image to give the soul, let consumers know the product and brand to achieve the experience service, in addition to the basic network link, you can also start the sticker machine, 3D stereo AR, magic video, graffiti AR, AR menus, product trial wear, multi-fire interactive… and a variety of exciting AR experiences.

Marq+ has fast features, and your AR application can be implemented in 7 days as long as the material is ready.

The minimum value of the identification map needs to exceed the size of the business card. The more complicated the above pattern is, the easier it is to be recognized!

System version Android 5.0 or above, iOS 11.0 or above, mobile phone model recommended Android 2016 after the model, iPhone 6 or above, memory 2G or more, and a good network environment, if you need to use LBS to find treasure, the phone needs to be equipped with a gyroscope.

★ A list of specific smartphone hardware models that marq+ is currently not supported here:

  • Sony Xperia XA1Ultra(G3226)
  • Sony Xperia XA1 G3125
  • OPPO Reno Z
  • OPPO F11
  • OPPO F11 Pro

At present, 4G network can use marq+ stably. Connecting WiFi depends on the distance between the transmitter and the number of users. Generally speaking, the download speed exceeds 10m/s.

Basic traffic will be drawn up in our contracts, and if the upper limit is exceeded, it will be charged in excess of the charging method.
Please be assured that we will not close the service while the event is in progress.

Traditional marketing can’t calculate the conversion rate, reach rate, KPI, and the single advertising cost. More importantly, most of the consumers have become impatient harassment.
The AR interaction provided by marq+ shows the value of your product and conveys the product culture through dynamic experience. The experiential journey of the new generation will make consumers willing to stay, discover the surprises you hide in the AR, and tell the good stories for the goods.

Customized AR apps require a lot of time and labor costs to be produced. During development, depending on the content, it usually takes 3 to 6 months.

Please follow the steps below to GPS relocation:
1. Turn on Wi-Fi Turning on Wi-Fi allows the phone to search for the location of nearby wireless networks, which is more easily positioned. Therefore, when the phone is not positioned accurately, please go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn on Wi-Fi. Your device will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.
2. Restart the phone Restart the phone to wipe cache data and improve system stability. It also helps to solve the inaccurate GPS positioning of your phone.
3. Set the correct time zone and time You can adjust the correct time zone and time from “Settings”> “General”> “Date & Time”. It is recommended to manually switch the time zone to the current location to avoid the inaccurate positioning of your phone.

It is our mission to let AR help all industries solve problems. If you need AR assistance, please feel free to contact us.