Professional Team

In the era of experiential economy, people have more pursuits of “getting it personally”. The introduction of AR in the real world is still quite a strange stage. ARPlanet professional team plans according to your needs, from creative ideas and content. From design to final presentation, strive for perfection and realize your AR imagination.

Virtual and Real Integration

We bring AR augmented reality to various industries, such as retail, entertainment, culture, tourism, education, exhibitions, business districts and social activities, and constantly create new interactions and topics, and continue to communicate with the public to increase the implementation of experience marketing. , bringing new business opportunities to customers through virtual and real integration.

Practical Case

We have been building AR Augmented Reality commercial applications for many clients for a long time, including STAYREAL, LINE, KKBOX, Family, Taipei 101, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taoyuan MRT, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Freshwater Heritage Museum, Taishin Bank, Taiwan Enterprise Bank , First Bank, Vision Magazine, and other corporate brands, creating more than 500 case experiences, is a successful model for large-scale economic development in the AR market.

Data Analysis

I believe that through data analysis, it can help you to evaluate the effectiveness of project promotion and experience the acceptance of marketing activities. We provide a complete report of your results and become yours. The helper of decision making.