Experience Economy

In modern life, “experience” is everywhere in our side. Corporate brands can let their products tell stories, stimulate consumers to resonate and stimulate consumer desires through experience marketing. The overall design and integration technology is the key, AR augmented reality. One of the best technologies for connecting brands and experiences, in addition to the lively description of the products, can also be combined with fun and interactive, making people have an unforgettable experience.

Reduce Costs

AR augmented reality is widely used in various industries such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and music. Its Chinese products can display foreign classics through AR, which can reduce the damage of cultural relics. On the other hand, it can reduce the damage of cultural relics. It can reduce the cost of storage and transportation, so that you can enjoy the cultural relics without using the distance limit, and use your mobile phone or device to complete the navigation experience, the museum can reduce the hardware purchase and maintenance.

Message Passing

Each field can combine the strengths of AR augmented reality to design a visual and interactive AR application that helps convey brand ideas or product information to the public in the simplest way, unlike culture, sightseeing, and entertainment. And mass media messaging such as retail, professional goods in the message transmission and the creation of memory points, it is relatively difficult. In this case, the story is different or the old bottle of new wine, the result is not the same.

Guide Shopping Guide

The introduction of the new retail concept, the era of the whole channel is coming. Under the diversified business model, the behavior of consumers must be combined with technology, such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, AR augmentation and VR virtual reality. The entertainment element is in the experience, prompting consumers to take advantage of the product purchase assessment, and share it with the community to increase brand awareness and attention.
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