The full name of SLAM in English is Simultaneous localization and mapping. It refers to the concept of synchronous positioning and map construction. In the combination with AR, after the spatial relationship is recognized by the machine, the virtual object is constructed on the plane or the ground in the real environment.

How to use: If you want to present AR effects on a flat surface or on the ground, you can use SLAM's solution.

Image Recognition

Triggering AR with pictures is the most stable and mature application. After the system recognizes the characteristics of the image, the AR effects that can be called include: 3D virtual characters, 3D objects, pictures, animations, etc., and even these effects can be Put it together and present it. Simply scan your image through your mobile app and you can easily call out your AR content.

How to use: I want to promote your brand image or your product features, as well as any of your images, such as brand logos, magazine images, postcards, and book content, all of which are suitable for image recognition AR solutions.

Object Recognition

The system will recognize the characteristics of the three-dimensional object, extending the application of the AR, different from the 2D image recognition, the object recognition can recognize the 3D stereoscopic object, and then extend the AR content of the corresponding space.

How to use: If you want AR content to appear around the beverage can or around the toy, for example, the car moves around the bottle, then you need to use object recognition.


The English name of the LBS suitability service is called Location Based Service, which is a service that is transmitted to the user's location through GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. For example, indoor navigation in the station, or to promote promotional store discounts based on the location of the stop, and in the combination of LBS and AR, often used for sightseeing guides or treasure hunt.

How to use: If you want to play a treasure hunt or treasure-hunting mission like Pokemon GO, achieve the effect of grouping, guiding, or the location of the sightseeing area, then LBS AR is your good choice.

Face Fecognition

Face recognition and image recognition are the more mature identification techniques. The system recognizes the characteristics of the face, such as eyebrows, mouth, nose, etc., combined with AR can wear various kuso dresses or cosplay to play virtual roles.

How to use: If you want your customers to wear your brand's hats, glasses, etc., or have kuso animations and various entertainment effects when opening your mouth, then face recognition AR is your choice.