Augmented Reality


AR Augmented Reality New Media, the world's first and most diverse solution

Through the experience of AR technology and rich brand communication, we will create a new interactive style by experiencing the economy and drive the diversified application of the industry. For the brand and consumers to build a bridge, create a fun AR experience for consumers, create a unique AR theme park for the brand!

We not only provide your users with a unique sense of participation, but also improve the diffusion benefits of the community, as well as the accuracy of marketing.

Platform data allows you to grasp the behavior of consumers and assist in more accurate brand budget allocation. Let marq+ let the brand speak for itself, so that you can communicate with consumers in the deepest possible way.


Interactive picture book game platform

This is a dream island, let the children achieve all the emptiness.

This requires a brush to let the child enjoy the graffiti creation.

This is a magical space for children to experience island life freely.

The best gift to meet the children's wish list - give the baby an iLandAR!