Cooperation Process

1. Contact us for Your Proposal

We can ask for the solution according to the solution, and the professional will propose it for you.

2. Sign the Quotation and Contract

After both parties confirm the content of the proposal, Yu Meng will provide the contract and quotation to confirm with you.

3. Service Content Production

After the contract is signed, the content will be produced, and the content will be communicated regularly during this period.

4. Both Parties Conduct Activity Yesting

If there is a live event, the site must be confirmed before the content is produced, and the site test is advanced.

5. Promote Your Event Ahead of Time

It is recommended that all kinds of marketing channels be exposed according to the nature of the activities before the event begins.

6. The Event Was Officially Launched

After the activity test, both parties confirm that they are no different from the proposal and the contract, and the event can be launched.

7. Provide Settlement Data

We will provide AR application related data when the case is closed, such as number of identifications, number of downloads, etc.