Arplanet provides a full range of virtual and real-world integration solutions to make enterprise brands easier to import and quickly keep up with the trend of real-world technology applications. Since its establishment in 2010, it has won numerous domestic and international awards and has many technical patents. , completed more than 1000 application cases, including Taiwan, Singapore, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan and so on. At the beginning of 2014, we was officially first strated on Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA)(stock code: 7406) in the cultural and creative industry . The company has been becoming the best investment potential company recognized by domestic and foreign companies.

We focus on augmenting real-world areas, launching an exclusive platform editor that quickly generates multi-AR interactions, simplifies the overall design process, and also provides VR virtual reality, MR hybrid reality, somatosensory interaction, FB filters, LBS ( Services such as mobile location services and WebAR enable customers to have more creative experience marketing options and realize commercial applications of virtual reality technology.


April 2010 ARPlanet Taipei Headquarters established


Shanghai Branch was established in January 2016


Singapore Branch was established in July 2016

Silicon Valley

Established Silicon Valley Branch of the United States in January 2018